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Kesaint Blanc have been operating for almost 30 years and have, as a result, developed a large distribution network. We have also worked with various authors, both local and international, with distribution and or co-publishing options. We generally tailor each agreement specifically to the needs of the author or organization. We do a thorough market analysis and business plan to review each opportunity and its profitability. There are 3 options in which we usually offer to our customers:


1. Standard Publishing

Here the Publisher, Kesaint Blanc. will develop, edit and publish the books. The Publisher bears production and distribution cost and the Author receives an aggreed royalty percentage fee over nett revenue.

Standard Publishing puts more risk on the publisher and this option is ideal for products that expects a high sale volume and/or a garuanteed sales audience.


2. Co-Publishing

In Co-Publishing we work together with author or an organization to develop and publish the books. The Publisher, Kesaint Blanc, bears the distribution cost and author or an organization bears the production cost. Depending how to cost is split will determine how to profit is split. When cost is split 50-50 then the author or organization will receive a 50% royalty over nett revenue.

Co-Publishing is ideal for authors or organizations that would like to treat their product as a business. Co-Publishing requires a higher investment but has higher returns. Co-Publishing also gives the author or organization a more hands on approach.


3. Distribution

Kesaint Blanc also does general distribution using our current distribution channels. Our current distribution channels include

  • All major book stores accroess Indonesia
  • Faith communities and networks accross Indonesia
  • Education communities and networks accross Indonesia
  • Door to door distribution

The author or organization will pay an advanced fee for shipping cost. Depending on the arangement, the author or organization will generally deliver their products  to Publisher’s, Kesaint Blanc, warehouse. Kesaint Blanc will then distribute the books to the select organizations and charge a discount fee that ranges from 35%-60% (depending on the distribution channel) on the net sales price.

Some of our book store channels include:

  • Gramedia (90 bookstores)
  • Toko Gunung Agung (32 bookstores)
  • Togamas (40 bookstores)
  • Kinokuniya
  • Times Bookstores
  • Aksara
  • Other traditional/ independent bookstores


Publishing with Kesaint Blanc

Kesaint Blanc work togerther with our customers which cover some of the following items

  • We working together with our authors. We believe a that marketing the product starts with the development of the product. We need to know our audience and target market before developing our products. A sound business plan for each product will greatly enhance the success and performance of each product. Kesaint Blanc also believes the author or organization to that envissioned the product plays a large role in the success and marketing of the product.
  • Products are professionally edited, deisgned and/or translated.  The layout of the product through to the cover design plays a vital role to the impact that the product will have on its reader or user. Ensuring that we use professional and experienced editors, translators, and designers we can ensure greater success in satisfying our customers.
  • Quality Assurance. At Kesaint Blanc we believe quality is key. We have implemented various quality assurance checks and proof reading in our development proccess to ensure quality. Our proof readers are also selected in areas of our target market so that we can deliver the right product to our target audience.
  • Digital Enhancement. At Kesaint Blanc we have realized that in todays era, digital communication is critical to the success of any product. At Kesaint Blanc we have various enhancements options that we have developed to give our products greated value added benifits, these 


Publishing Matrix