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Dear readers, it’s glad to see you again on Kesaint Blanc Publishing’s blog, The Language Specialist. There were many exciting things that we’ve done over the past 1 year. So many world languages and lots of colorful culture that we engaged upon implementing our vision: Becoming the World Citizen. Nowadays, we expanded our target readers, not only for adults and teenagers, but also the children. For instance, we managed to publish THE FIRST comprehensive multi-languages learning activity book for Indonesian children (and other countries) called The Wono Weenie have Fun with Languages. We believe that kids are indreasingly smart (and increasingly have global minded parents) nowadays, that they need a fun learning book that can expose them to the world’s language&culture. Indonesian kids&parents can choose their preference to learn their first words or simple phrases in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, English, French, Germany, Japanese and Spanish. And more exciting products to come!

The first two of its kind published by Kesaint Blanc Publishing

The first two of its kind published by Kesaint Blanc Publishing on the 2014 Indonesia Independence Day momentum

On the same enthusiasm, we are on cloud number nine recently. The reason being, we just celebrated the 69th Indonesia Independence Day on August 17th. Yay! It was both touching to heard the last Independence Day speech from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and roaring sophisticated jets over the Presidential palace, while at the same time we heard news that the upcoming President, Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, is humbly participating a common folks’ Independence Day competitions (it’s a tradition we held) later on the same day. Everyone in Indonesia is celebrating their nationalism on the day! Including us, when we just published the Indonesian language course books! Wait, what?? An Indonesian learning book you said???

Yes, this is the second reason why we are so happy this month! As many Indonesian themselves may not noticed it before, we are soooo lacking of good and effective books that teach its (foreign) readers about our language and culture. You can try canvassing Indonesian biggest book stores now, are there any books or products that can teach you, as a foreigner (who speak English at least), the Bahasa Indonesia language? And if there is such, does it has a good quality with proven academic or systemized practical method? Or does it written by native speakers who are expertise on their field? How about the audio files availability so that everyone can learn with the best resources? Rest assure, Kesaint Blanc Publishing, has now has the answer/solution for it. We realized the market’s need and the urgency to publish one(s).

Feel free to choose from the 3 titles below based on your own need/preferences. Quench your thirst!



 Engaged yourself to over 500 Indonesian most-used words and phrases on this book. The structure of the book contains: dialogues, list of vocabulary&phrases, also some cultural tips.


Kotak Paket GT Indonesian - web



1. Contains over 100 vocabulary and over 50 Indonesian expressions to get you talking Indonesian.
2. 10 days audio course to support your visit/trip.
3. Contains practical themes such as hotel reservation, checking-in,
ordering a taxi, asking for direction, money changer, shop&restaurant,
airport and socializing with Indonesian friends.
4. Narrated by native speakers.


Cover T&T Indonesia +logo - web



• Bilingual Indonesian – English.
• Over 1500 most commonly used Indonesian words and 500 Indonesian simple phrases (in total there are 2000 vocabulary).
• Suitable for foreigner travelers who use English and need to learn common Indonesian phrases in over 20 themes such as: Greetings&introduction, Money & Accommodation, Places & Direction, Transportation, Office&Business etc.
• Audio narrated by native speakers.


Have we cover all of your needs? If it’s not (yet), bear with us as there are more Indonesian books to come this year and next year! Feel free to leave comments or your review about these books on this post. Terima kasih!

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