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A good translation takes into account the culture and customs as well as the specific characteristics of your line of business and product. A good translation will help you open doors in the international market and put your message across the way you want it to. Our professional translators can assist you in achieving this with more than 60 language combinations. The majority of our translators are native speakers of the language in which they work. Like no other they are familiar with the local circumstances of the country for which the translation is intended.

Request an obligation-free quotation and contact us now on info@kesaintblanc.co.id.

Translators with proven ability

We make high demands of our translators. We only work with those who are fluent in the target language (the majority are native speakers). Our selection method in choosing the right translator for the job is based on their area of expertise. Establishing a collaborative relationship with a translator is preceded by a strict selection procedure including the signing of quality agreements.

Continuous monitoring

The suitability of a translator is gauged by evaluating their translations on a regular basis. As a rule, all translations are verified by a second translator. The second translator is required to complete an evaluation form giving us insight into the quality of the work. It helps us determine which translators are the most consistent in quality.

Efficient working method

It is the innovation and flexibility of our staff when responding quickly to your request  that prevents bureaucracy. And it is this flexibility that adapts our working method to your wishes and needs.

Our quality assurance

  • With few exceptions we work with translators who translate into their native language.
  • We work exclusively with translators who have obtained a higher vocational or university translation education and/or specific training or have work experience in that particular discipline.
  • We work exclusively with very experienced translators.
  • As a rule, each translation is verified by a second translator.
  • Each finished translation is followed by a spelling and grammar check.
  • Your person of contact will always be an experienced project manager.
  • Each translation is custom-made to your needs and demands.
  • To ensure consistency we archive all translated texts, per client, to serve as a reference for future translation assignments.




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